In this FREE Course, Lisa Wells will guide you how to effectively delegate
(so it doesn't turn into a full-time job!)

Symptoms of Ineffective Delegation (Module 1)

Free "Let Go and Delegate!" Course Modules:

  • Symptoms of Ineffective Delegation

  • "What" to Give Away

  • "How" to Give it Away

  • Accountability and Expectations

  • "Who" to Give it Away to

  • Don't be a Ron Popeil

  • How to Delegate When You Have No One to Delegate to

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Symptoms of Ineffective Delegation

We start this free course by looking at symptoms of ineffective delegation, what it's really costing you, and what you can do to get past the feeling that nobody can do it "as well as you can."

2. "What" to Give Away

The first step in delegating is to figure out what you can give away. In this module, I give you some tools to figure out what you can delegate and why.

3. "How" to Give It Away

In this module we talk about the next step of delegating and that is to make a plan, laying it out how to get things done. This is where the systems piece comes in.

4. Accountability and Expectations

In this module, we talk about how to set up your contractor for success by communicating your expectations as well as holding them accountable (and what to do if it doesn't work out).

5. "Who" to Give it Away To

In this module, I’ll break down what you need to do and what to look for when it comes to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

6. Don't Be a Ron Popeil

In this module, we go over checking in because you don't want to set it and forget it (ala Ron Popeil). I give you a few ideas of how you can do this without micro-managing.

7. How to Delegate When You Have No One to Delegate To

In this bonus step, I give you some ideas of how to delegate when you have no one to delegate to.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

In this module, I answer some common questions I get about delegating.

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About Lisa Wells

Since 2005, Lisa has been lucky enough to experience so much of the entrepreneur’s journey as she moved from California to North Carolina when her husband received military orders. Along the way, she learned how to build a successful virtual professional business, the ins and outs of all of the technical systems, email marketing and Infusionsoft, and the best practices for operations. Having been a solo virtual assistant, working on many virtual teams, and hiring dozens of contractors over the years, she knows a thing or two about delegating.

Throughout this Free Course, Lisa will guide you on how to effectively delegate so that you can finally live the life you dreamed of when YOU set about on your own entrepreneurial journey.